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Posted by anyman on Mar 31, 2002 at 09:24

Re: Back to anyman, (now he's back) (Mike Kremer)

sure (i think it was more than a year ago...we've been here for coming up on 4 years now :-)

i'll take a look at it...skeptical, but i am always glad to look at anything

in the mean may be interested to know that we have archeological evidence of pythagora's theorem found at ur (abraham's hometown) and dated to ~1500 years prior to pythagora's proposal

it is not stated in pythagoran form on the tablet but the math clearly shows that they were familiar with the principle, which would have been helpful in building among other things

ur was in many ways very savvy both technologically, architecturally, and artistically earlier than abraham's time...his time being ~4000 years ago (~2000 bc)

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