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Andy™ on Mar 30, 2002 at 10:35

Re: mars and globe warming (alex)

eh... I suppose we could use a thermonuclear warhead (or a few...dozen...) on mars to melt some of the ice... Unfortunately that'd make a few more problems for us.
exactly HOW can we create global warming on a planet that has an atmosphere of CO2?

I like the Total Recall solution. Find a reactor built by aliens that was never turned on to melt the ice (since Mars has a core of nothing but ice. It's true, I saw it in a movie.) in the core and spew it out into the atmosphere in the form of oxygen magically creating an ozone and a proper balance of Nitrogen and Oxygen for us to breathe it in the 5 minute time span required to keep Arnold and his lady friend's heads from exploding on the surface.

I'd say that's about just as likely as us creating Martian global warming. :P

Ich bin das Wesen sarkastisch :)

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