Re: Hurricanes Impact Carbon Sequestration By Forests

Posted by asdf on Mar 30, 2002 at 02:31

Re: Hurricanes Impact Carbon Sequestration By Forests (Dale)

this is powerful data

these apparently previously unconsidered factors keep on coming to the fore...and all of you on both sides of the issue have done well to enlighten us all in regard to the debate and spite of the fact that our personalities and comments sometimes generate more heat than light on whatever issue...i am (and i think i can safely say that we are) deeply and thankfully indebted

i may have to get off the fence on this issue...and land on the side of reality...which presently seems to be the side that says "human activity is not significantly contributing to the global warming phenomenon"...rather it appears that natural factors are far and away dominanting and that the phenomenon is cyclical (albeit hardly in any uniformitarian sense save in perhaps the broadest possible interpretation of that concept)

but for the moment, i'm still straddling the fence...i haven't dismounted yet :-)

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