Re: Press Releases give Proof of Decreased Funding

Posted by Dale on Mar 29, 2002 at 20:33

Re: Insects give Proof of Global Warming (Mike Kremer)

You didnít bother to look up who these bozos were, did you. It isnít that hard. Hereís a hint - How big a group is this? Well they even tell you that. They work in 610 square meters of space (5,500 square feet). I bet Dannyís house is bigger than that.

The real question is, if global warming is having such a profound effect on insects that they just canít survive any more, why canít we measure this change with a thermometer? Yes, we have measured some small changes but nothing like the natural annual differences. They talk about ďrecord sea temperatureĒ which is news to those who have actually measured sea temperatures and found them falling during this period. If it is getting hotter, letís measure the temperature rather than depend on the extrapolation of a few students looking at a few bugs and making up facts to justify their funding by claiming the end of the world is imminent.

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