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DA Morgan on Mar 27, 2002 at 15:42

Re: thanks for the bone... (anyman)

You wrote:
"viruses are virii...that haven't changed into anything else...every variant virus is a virus still"

My response:
You are incorrect. They have mutated into other viruses that are biologically distinct.

But even if you were correct in the local sense you'd be wrong in the global. Viruses were first discovered in roughly 1892-1898 by Dimitrii Ivanovsky. So their very existence has only been known a very short amount of time. If it takes a virus 150 years to evolve into an elephant ... there would not be sufficient time for anyone to observe it even though we could clearly see evidence of it having happened in the past.

We haven't seen whales evolve from hippo-like creatures but any decent geneticist can establish that it happened.

You are engaging in an argument that can not be won if you stick with Boolean logic. An absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

That something has not happened in the last 150 years does not mean it doesn't happen in 600 years, or 6000 years or 6 million years.

Too bad you got your education from a Christian Madrasa.

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