Re: Circular logic is in the eye of the beholder

Posted by Dale on Mar 27, 2002 at 08:31

Re: Circular logic I think (dogrock)

If people keep saying we must except a meaningless explanation, …

Just because is seems meaningless to you doesn’t make it meaningless. If we elevate you into space, explain in terms we are all familiar with how your lungs work. The fact is, without air your lungs WON’T work. There is no exact point where they stop working but here on earth they work and up there they don’t. Same goes for the particle/wave nature of matter. You are so large all you see is waves and particles. When you get tiny the distinction ceases to exist. That is not a meaningless explaination.

The same logic we use to share this discussion is neccessary at the quantum level or else it and this discussion means nothing.

Ok, we know that a tunnel diode allows electrons to pass a barrier that do not have enough energy to pass. We can use this magic to create an amplifier. It works. Please explain, without the use of magic how a particle of low energy can get past a high energy barrier. Do not resort to any meaningless explanations. Explain how you can drop a ball from 6 inches above the ground and sometimes it appears on the moon. We see the effect – now explain it in common everyday observable terms.

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