Re: Flat earth and two slit experiment,- Extra?

Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 26, 2002 at 13:16

Re: Flat earth and two slit experiment (DA Morgan)

Daniel says "My personal suspicion is that while part of a photon travels through the apparatus, part of it does not"
You mean photon entanglement? Something which has been reported to work over vast distances.
Just a thought then:- I wonder just how far apart the slits can be? Before the photons act like a particle, showing no effect?

Prehaps the photons travel thru an as yet undiscovered (vibrating) medium, and are being modulated, which affects their final position?
Rather like sunlight being reflected off sea waves.
After all we know photons must travel thru Grav:
waves, a neutron sea, virtual particles, and all the rest of the unknowns.
Prehaps a photon skipping alongside a vibrating medium, that is just below or just above the natural resonance of the light beam, or any other multiple....will be affected?
In fact I would'nt be surprised if the whole damm Universe was'nt vibrating at some unknown super high frequency -which might explain everything.

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