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Mike Kremer on Dec 19, 2001 at 20:45 (

Re: OxyContin hysteria (Wade Lee)

Pain appears significantly worse when the tortured
are shown the implements of torture beforehand.
Which is why a number of victims confess before
being subjected to actual torture.

I suspect (although I dont know)that there must be a limit to the maximum pain that a persons brain and nerve endings can ultimately feel?
The limit when more or additional torture has no effect? Would this be when the brain 'releases'
the body by 'fainting'?

As for you question:-Re a way to disable our
ability to feel pain.
I assume you mean something more permanent than
drugs or heroin?
I cant think of anything...except some bright
chemist could come up with a concoction based upon the disease of Leprosy? Since Lepers feel no pain

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