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Posted by bio_ladi on Jan 07, 2002 at 01:04

Re: Sotong Goreng Berlada (Andy™)

Sorry it took me a bit to scroll back to see this question...
Animal testing is a touchy subject.
Personally I wouldn't want my kitties to end up in a lab that is going to inject them with any of a number of substances to see how they might react. Then an assumption made on how a human may react from that...but always the disclaimer that humans might not react the same way.
Why test on animals if it leaves many unanswered questions?
Do I wish to have a surgeon working on my loved ones who has had no prior experience on animals?
No, perhaps surgeons tend to see procedures done by those who have done them already. After a certain amount of viewing and assisting then they have a go at it, always supervised though.
But don't you think it is wrong though to breed life for lab purposes? Isn't this akin to playing God?
I know personally that I could not have gotten this far without the very nice people who donated their bodies so that I might learn from them. However they made the choice of their own free will, can this be said about the chimps, dogs, cats, pigs and other animals man parades through labs worldwide in the name of science?
I would dearly love to see those consent forms...

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