Re: Science Close To Viewing The Beginning Of What

Posted by dogrock on Mar 22, 2002 at 18:39

Re: Science Close To Viewing The Beginning Of Time (Bill Wallace)

Anyone can give a visual image, are these amplitudes like stretch marks growing on an expanding ball. Are they lined up like ripples on a pond. Are they lines where extra radiation is given off, like lines of heat stretching across space. A space/time fabric sounds a bit like the ether. It seems to me we see things far away 'like the accellerated expansion of the universe' and experience nothing of it close at hand, nothing to change the perception of our own position, something like if everything was squashed everything should expand including all matter. Will this latest discovery always stay 'out there' and not change our ourstanding of the world near us. The discovery about the constancy speed of light changed our perception immediately and we knew we were seeing the sun eight minutes later. Would like science to be like that again.

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