Re: That old devil called gravity

Posted by dogrock on Mar 20, 2002 at 21:54

Re: That old devil called gravity (Natalie L. Smith)

We might only be ever able to guess at what gravity is, but hope there's a better guess than the present one that might explain other things without the extremely complicated maths that are needed now to understand the world. There were complicated maths to explain the expansion of gases until it was discovered what was really happening and then it was simple to explain it to everyone, not that I remember it now. I'll have to admit I've only read amature books on the subjects, mostly Feynman. One other point strikes me again about movement and gravity. Clocks run slower in a gravity field, and also at high speeds, almost everywhere you look when thinking about gravity it seem to have a connection with motion. So hoping for a simple explanation in the end, some hope I know. Better off sitting under that tree like Newton than barking up it I think.

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