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Amaranth Rose on Mar 20, 2002 at 20:10

Re: What would you do with the facts? (Bill Wallace)

There's no need to worry about a run on milk. You can purchase instant or non-instant non-fat dry milk powder, sealed in # 10 cans with an oxygen absorber, that will keep for a number of years with no detectable deterioration, from a number of sources. Each can makes about 40 cups of liquid milk. There is also a milk product which contains whey and vegetable fat. This milk product has approximately the same nutritional value as 2% milk and comes in plain and chocolate flavors and dissolves very readily.

Depending on the supplier and the product, this can cost from $US 1 to $9.50, depending on circumstances. I'm currently using a can of non-instant milk I bought last year for less than $2.00. It requires more effort and ingenuity to bring into solution than "instant" milk, but, I can't beat the price, when milk is $US 3.59 a gallon at the grocery store.

Some of these companies also sell and ship overseas. Hint, hint.

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