Re: Liquid CO(2) is not going to just materialize

Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 20, 2002 at 20:09

Re: Liquid CO(2) is not going to just materialize (Amaranth Rose)

I agree with you Amaranth,
I wondered where the CO2 all came from. That is lying frozen at the poles today
I cannot envisage liquid CO2 either.
in my posting above I thought i stated pretty plainly that I thought the gullys were formed by water Eons ago.
My thinking being that Mars could have once held a lot of water, and that due to the friability of the martian soil ...rather less water might have been needed to scour out the gullys than we think.
i.e Since I dnt imagine there is a lot of lava or other pre melted rock like granites around.
And of course Mars lost its water/vapour into space long ago.
Nowhere did I mention liquid CO2 as being the causes of gully formation.
I was careful to state that prehaps fine filaments of erosion seen on the sides of the gullys MIGHT be caused by the explosive expansion of a slurry type mixtere of ice and CO2, that broke out from inside the cliffs , by the heat of the Sun.
Hope i made it a bit clearer here than i did above.

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