Re: That old devil called gravity

Posted by dogrock on Mar 20, 2002 at 17:18

Re: That old devil called gravity (Natalie L. Smith)

It's more than likely I'm barking up the wrong tree. The pull of gravity just seems a convenient but wrong idea of what's really happening. A gravity particle acting instantaniously is hard to believe and would simply say that's how it pulls, when the idea of pull itself seems strange. An article I read explained how all pull can be annalised as push only, as when you pull a car, the rope behind the tie point is pushing it. Explained glue the same. But since we can creat an exact gravity affect by accelleration, it is hard to believe that motion, change of direction of motion or accelleration are not involved in the explanation of gravity. The planets have motion, continual change of direction. And there's the continual accellerated expansion of the universe. If the planets could expand like balloons, and the space between the planets, then we'd have gravity, but that's a bit unpleasant for the moment and beyond my capacity. So maybe mess around with the paths a bit more. Thanks for the help, back to the drawing board.

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