Re: Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapses In Largest Event Of Last 30 Years

Posted by bobbapink on Mar 20, 2002 at 10:20

Re: Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapses In Largest Event Of Last 30 Years (DA Morgan)

But the funny thing about all the angst, all the doom, all the gloom, all the sky is crashing nonsense is that it comes from those predicting economic ruin.

I believe the term is "hamstring" but depending on your definition of "ruin" that could apply also. Or perhaps you think the resources are free? As to the angst, it exists because of those, such as yourself, that advocate expending resources for the purpose of fixing a situation that 1) may well not exist, 2) hasn't been shown to be problematic 3) may well be beneficial, and most importantly 4) hasn’t got a chance of accomplishing the objective! I know 1 through 4 don't seem relevant to you but others may be listening so I figured I’d put it out there…again.

It reminds me of a quote from Edward O. Wilson in his new book "The Future Of Life." To quote him: "We are innately inclined to ignore any distant possibility not yet requiring examination. It is a hardwired part of our Palolithic heritage."

Is that why you do that Dan? Because it's hardwired? Oh, BTW, he also said "It is time to sort out Earth and calculate what it will take to provide a satisfying and sustainable life for everyone into the indefinite future." But I’m willing to bet his definition “sustainable” conflicts greatly with my definition of "satisfying" – and yours too for that matter. Ya see Dan, it's pretty clear that you are not willing to voluntarily make the sacrifices your ideology requires – you want to force others to make them for you.

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