Re: Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapses In Largest Event Of Last 30 Years

Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 19, 2002 at 21:35

Re: Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapses In Largest Event Of Last 30 Years (DA Morgan)

You are right Daniel, they can't/wont see further than their nose.

Heres the actual Sat: photo taken two days ago of
the Larsen B ice shelves, all 1250 square miles of it floating free.
Click on the picture
And for those who have no time for 'Greenpeace'
In 1977 Greenpeace found large cracks in the Larsen B Ice Shelf, and suggested its collapse was imminent. As early as 1968 the rapid breakup of ice shelves around the Antarctic Peninsula has been considered as a "sign that dangerous warming is beginning in Antarctica"... (a prediction they made over 30 years ago)
Meanwhile in the Amundsen Sea, last week, a thousand miles away...Yet another huge Iceberg has broken free off the Thwaites Ice Tongue. It is 53 miles long and 43 miles wide. (Bigger than the island of Cyprus in the med:)
I have no Sat: image of it yet, but will post one should I find.

I guess the unbelievers out there, who either deny Global warming, or convince themselves that its just of a temporary natural cause, are the same people who will cry out in one or two years time. "I told you so, its actually got a degree or so COLDER, off the straits of terra del Fuagoe (Chile) and South Australia"
And then buy themselves a bigger airconditioner for the Summer.

Inspite of the fact that Antartica has not changed its shape for 5000 years

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