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Re: Science of the earth and how used by people (DareneeH)

Stanford offers the following:

Earth Systems

The Earth Systems Program in the school of Earth Sciences is an interdisciplinary major focused on environmental subjects. The concept of 'Earth as a System' takes a step away from traditional disciplinary investigations of the Earth. It describes Earth as a dynamic system in which physical and biological processes link the ocean, atmosphere, and solid earth together with Earth's biological components. Critical to this 'systems' approach is the inclusion of people, and especially their economic and political institutions. The Earth Systems Program is a major that emphasizes the interaction between the earth sciences, ecology and evolution, economics, law and policy, and environmental technology. Our Program was created to provide Stanford undergraduates with a unified, coherent, and demanding curriculum on environmental subjects. It draws its strength from the excellent faculty in the Schools of Earth Sciences, Humanities & Sciences, Engineering, and Law working in these areas. As a science degree, the major also consists of required cognate courses in mathematics, computer science, physics and chemistry. Students in the Earth Systems major concentrate their training in one of six curricular tracks: anthrosphere, biosphere, geosphere, energy science and technology, land management, and oceans.

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