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Posted by Dale on Mar 19, 2002 at 09:03

Re: See dale - SEE! (bobbapink)


I can tell you how to detect them sun or no sun. What I can't do is tell you how to do anything about most of them. We are all ants walking in line down the railroad track. I can use optics and vibrations and tastes and smells and sounds to tell us that something is headed our way. If it is a leaf dropping from the tree I might even be able to do something to protect the few that would be affected. But when the train comes, we're all going to be ant paste. Do you really want 1 hour or 1 day or 1 week or 1 year or 1 decade or 1 century notice when that is about to happen? Even with a century, the ants aren't going to stop the train and we can't all get off the track.

Ok, I'll accept that a century of notice might have some value. We would know that the earth was toast and could work on getting out of the way before the deadline. But do you really think man could cooperate well enough to do all the needed work knowing that no one living and most people's children and grandchildren wouldn't be allowed to go? And where would we go? Off planet isnít a very good answer. People are going to get hungry after a while. Not much protein on the moon or Mars. I think the best bet would be to go underground for a few centuries while the earth boils and then freezes. At least there would be some chance of a recyclable atmosphere and continuous food production. Personally I like mushrooms.

In 100 years we couldn't save more than a few thousand people. Billions would have to work hard for those few thousand to survive. We can raise armies where thousands die for the welfare of millions but you aren't going to get millions to die for the welfare of a few dozen without a really miserable last 100 years. Personally I donít think it would be worth it. Just give us a couple of years to set up a plaque on the moon to commemorate what we were.

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