Large Asteroid passes close to Earth last week, Unseen!

Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 18, 2002 at 22:15

One of the largest asteroids known to have approached the Earth zipped past about 450,000 kilometres away on March 8 - but nobody recorded it until four days later.
It passing closest to the Earth - at just 1.5 times the distance to the Moon - too close to the Sun to be visible.

Too close for comfort

Well I call that insanely close!
It makes me wonder whether this was deliberately not reported, for fear of causing an 'End of the World panic' amongst the less stable portions of the world population.
So it had the Sun behind it. Lets hope some rampant Nation dosnt release a Satellite Nuke with a similar idea.
Its just not good enough, denying us our last fling on Earth would they? Since had it been any closer,
no one could have done anything about it anyway.
Plus they take photos of the Suns prominences, with a black disk shielding out the Suns rays. The technology is around....Yes, deliberate unreportng I'd say.
And the Stock markets been up all this week

Many thanks to Bob for bringing this to my attention

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