Re: Not Dry Ice, but Real Ice on Mars Today

Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 16, 2002 at 17:39

Re: Not Dry Ice, but Real Ice on Mars Today (Bill Wallace)

Of course you are right Bill,....still if James Garvin thinks it might be possible to have frozen water at the poles? I'll go along with that until its scientificaly proven one way or another.

I've been trying to think of another way to look at the problem.
Its a fact that the Mars poles grow and shrink
during a Martian year.
Therefore the moisture must be transported to the poles by wind, evaporation and convection, before
being condensed out by cold.
Im not sure I can answer my next thought satisfactorily--- prehaps Natalie L. Smith might
like to try?
Assuming water from the gullys plus carbon dioxide BOTH get deposited at the poles.
i.e Mixture of Ice and frozen c-dioxide.

A\In summer, which of the two, would evaporate first? To get redistributed in the atmosphere. Would the colder carbon dioxide tend to stop the ice crystals from evaporating? Or have no effect?

B\Looking at it from the other way the END of a Martian summer, which of the two would crystalise and condense out first, by the cold at the poles? Would one effect the both?

C\Which of the two would tend to get left behind? ie Given the summer heat never reaches the poles completely.

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