Re: Sweeter than Jacky Gleasonís Coffee.?

Posted by bio_ladi on Jan 05, 2002 at 12:29

Re: Sweeter than Jacky Gleasonís Coffee.? (bobbapink)

Oh yes, much sweeter than Gleasons coffee. *smile*

And you are correct, after I sent the response I realized I had not offered up as planned.
So, we are open for debate, very nice, I get stale when I am not in classes.
You left me with some interesting points to ponder on my way to work. I will need to bone up as normally I find most people are in agreement with me rather than taking the stance you do.

Tease me...even better, warning I can give as good as I get. So this should prove to be pretty interesting.
My only regret, my professor didn't tell me about this site long before now!

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