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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Dec 19, 2001 at 17:54
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Re: Yes, but..... (Sparrow)

""GENETICS" is a whipping boy for lifestyle choices in many cases, methinks. "

AAARRRGGHH!! How many times do we have to tell you, Sparrow, "genetics" is the absolute ANTITHESIS of CHOICE!! Genetics are what you have to start out with, your basic "hand" in life, the deck from which your plays are made. If somebody took out all your high cards, or removed an entire suit, that's the way it is; you can't go back and change it (genetic medicine aside for the moment). It's your natural endowment, your inheritance from your ancestors.

Lifestyle choices are HOW YOU PLAY THE HAND YOU'RE DEALT!! Whether or not you have the genetic predisposition, smoking tobacco is risky behavior. If you do have the right genetic "load", you're likely to develop small cell carcinoma of the lung. If you have the right genetic load, AND you engage in the risky behavior of smoking, you are MUCH more likely to develop small cell carcinoma of the lung than someone who only had the genetic predisposition OR only smoked.

Lifestyle choices are pretty bloody important; so are the genetic gifts/curses we are born with. People with fiery red hair are prone to sun cancer. Both the fiery red hair and the tendency to skin cancer are caused by a single GENETIC marker or group of alleles relevant to one step in the processing of melanin. Should all such persons be euthanized at birth? Of course not! But they should be made aware that excessive solar radiation is especially dangerous to them, and encouraged to make wise LIFESTYLE choices so as to lessen their potential for developing skin cancer.

Once more, repeat after me, GENETICS is the hand life deals you at the start; LIFESTYLE CHOICES are how you decide to play the game with the cards at your disposal. YOur Genetics are decided at the moment of conception; how you CHOOSE to live is your burden.

Get it? Got it? Good!

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