Re: The real question I think

Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 14, 2002 at 01:43

Re: The real question I think (dogrock)

Yes I get you drift of thought Dogrock. You might say im 100% in agreement with you regarding animals. Since a lot of the top animal boys do fight each other to restrict access to females, preventing subordinates from mating. This helps pass on certain qualitys, such as strength, down on thru the essential for their evolution?
Problem is when we get to man...we aint got no enemys (except microbes?)we dont have to fight anymore. Plus our women and society are so adept at tying us up in knots (You see it in most every TV ad)that prehaps we males ought to go back to the days when we wore powdered wigs and outlandish clothes to attract the opposite sex.
Then again a lot of males have given up bothering
If you see what I mean darling*.

(No reflection upon *you or any reader here, of course) ~(#)

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