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Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 12, 2002 at 23:01

Re: Funny (Natalie L. Smith)

I should,nt think too many people are taking Ms Jennifer Tannen's (a female rights advocate) findings too seriously.

Ms Jennifer Tannen as head of an animal sexual research team, states categoricaly that female animals suffer from routine sexual harrasment. Further stating that she found it totaly despicable when the male (hen) abandoned the single mother to be, to care for the chicks alone.
She further estimates that there are more than 170 trillion unreported cases of sexual abuse among animals, per year, on the earth.
Her colleague, Annie Secunda another female rights activist said "We must take swift action to address the problem of sexism in the animal kingdom."
Natalie L. Smith headed this article "Funny"...I could'nt agree more.

The article dos'nt appear to have been written to appear particually funny, --if not them Mss Tannen and Secunda have forgotten that nearly all animals have just one small window per year in which to copulate. That evolution has spent millions of years producing what must be the best method of animal reproduction. They mistakenly equates human sexual enjoyment, to be identical with animals. (Humans can leave sex alone if they dont enjoy it.) Animals have to get on with it, and leave the enjoyment (if any?) out of the equation.
In the picture of a docile Lioness lying down and 'taking it'. Ms's Tannen and Secunda
neclect to mention that Lions mate for life as do most Birds, the male collecting the food for his mate and chicks.

Natalie L.Smith got it almost right, she should have entitled the article "Very Funny"

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