Re: Britain gets Go-Ahead to Clone Human Embryos today.

Posted by bobbapink on Mar 12, 2002 at 11:19

Re: Britain gets Go-Ahead to Clone Human Embryos today. (David)

Yes. Lambs with the
human gene were reported
to be wandering in fields
outside Edinburgh.

Reported? Is that like Rumor? Is that evidence? If it is in evidence – what does it prove? It happened after therefore it was caused by!? No. Ya gotta do better than that.

The government withdrew
the cattle feed made from
sheeps' brains as they said
it was responsible for BSE.

Are you suggesting it was not the cause? If so, I might be inclined to agree with you but I'm really still on the fence on this one.

This same feed had been
used with no problems since
the late 40's.

Good argument for sheep feed not being the cause but it doesn’t support your contention that humans are responsible.

What evidence do you
have that it [human
manipulation of genetics]
was not the cause.

The same evidence i have that there is not an invisible 300-pound boogieman in your living room. How can i prove a negative? If you have evidence to support your claim that BSE is a human invented disease, bring it forth and i'll consider it.

What is your answer
to the question of who
is initiating all the
new diseases?

Could be a combination of lots of things including natural evolution of disease causing agents, greater exposure to existing agents, a genetic predisposition brought forth by inbreeding, etc...

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