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Posted by Dale on Mar 12, 2002 at 09:57

Re: gave it a try. (dogrock)

Well it's supposed to reach nearly the weight of the Universe, or infinity. But I suppose it would still weight 100 grams because the scales would take forever to react, given the slow down in time. Or else I missed the joke.

No joke. The scale would weight 100 Kg. Not because of a time dilation but because the weight change is relative. An observer traveling at the same velocity doesn’t see the change. You don’t see that you weigh many tons but that is what you weigh according to someone at the center of the universe who isn’t moving like we are. You don’t see that a ruler changes from 1 foot when placed perpendicular to our direction of travel to just a few inches when placed parallel to that direction. But that is what someone at the COU sees happening to it.

So you will never be able to tell anything by trying to measure weight changes. The weight changes never occur if you are moving with the object. It is only when you and the object are moving at different speeds that any change is observed. It is only seen by the “stationary” observer who “knows” why the change is occurring. It's all relative.

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