Re: Danny's refusal to discuss scientific merits

Posted by Dale on Mar 12, 2002 at 09:45

Re: Danny's refusal to discuss scientific merits (DA Morgan)

By "discuss the scientific merits of a subject" do you mean ... not engaging in personal attacks and use of demeaning language?

Danny Boy wants to know.

Yep. You didn't read the posting that TA linked to, did you? You laughed at an article because one person (out of the hundreds that created it) was in your opinion not a scientist. I asked that instead of ridiculing one person that you didn't like for political reasons that you point out some problem with the science of the article. I quoted three points from the article and asked why you wouldn’t discuss them instead of just ridiculing one signatory to the article. But you couldn't be bothered with a scientific discussion - you were only interested in personal attacks and demeaning language.

So, yes, Danny, that is what I meant. Give us some indication that you can think your way out of a paper sack rather than just make ad hominum attacks and we might start treating you like an adult who has something to contribute to the forum.

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