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Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 12, 2002 at 00:52

Re: Tiny Bubbles (Fusion Maniac)

I would like to welcome you to our Scienceagogo Forum, and I am sure that goes for all of us.
You may find, we are a mixed bag of personalities
popping in and out at various times, often feeding
off of each other, but this technique seems the best way of solving our current problem, at least to our satisfaction.

Had no time to read up on your 'site' yet. But I will. Seems you are taking on the Fusion problem,
which has stumped some of the best minds, in the west, and east. I wish you success. Fresh lateral thinking out of a Laboratory, might just be what is needed for a breakthru.

I have only read up on your MosFet Accelerometer
so far. What use you have in mind for it? Am I right in assuming that the amplified piezo voltage
is good for measurement of the initial accel? But
not for continuous readings?
You might try a small rubber covered magnet, cemented between two back to back, Hall devices for an acceleration and de-acceleration readings.
Hope I am not being too presumptive here.
But I will continue your reads, when I get more time.

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