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Posted by bio_ladi on Jan 04, 2002 at 20:34

Re: Isn't that sweet? (bobbapink)

Yes, it is sweet. *smile*
Lomborg has not yet submitted anything of proof for his assumptions. Yes, I have read his work. He is too refutable. Lomborg finally realized that Greenpeace wasn't going to get him anywhere and backed out, violence does not educate. When he can back what he is saying then he will be taken seriously.
However, science is not always perfect and I realize that. He may have many points worth pondering but how many others must prove him wrong before he begins to listen to someone besides his own hardheaded self?
We still live within this ecosystem and we are doing far more damage to it than good.
At any rate we, being the current populace, do not own this planet. We hold it in trust for those who will follow. I will always stand firm on the belief that we should keep it the very best that we can. Mass pollution and disease is not the very best we can offer for those that we will leave behind.

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