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Andy™ on Mar 11, 2002 at 22:16

Re: trying to be helpful (dogrock)

Elephants've been known to fight with their tusks, at times.
When they're not trampling their threateners, that is.

I should think at a time in the past when elephants had more opponents their own size, the tusks came in handy for gouging, skewering, etc. Since there's no evolutionary reason for them to lose the tusks, they've still got them. I suppose if an elephant was ever born without tusks he'd be more likely not to be poached, which could lead to the tusks going away, but it could also not.

I also observed elephants using their tusks to dig a baby elephant out of a mud hole she was sinking in after the pesky little naturalist people got out of the way. Several bulls approached the baby and just dug her out. Took about 5 minutes, I'd say. That'll show people to presume... heh... No it won't. :)

Everything has a use, one just has to look harder.

Cow's chew cud because there are still nutrients they can process to be found in it. The same goes for rabbits who chew cud. It's pretty disgusting, but the cows don't seem to mind.

Horses (and cattle) sleep standing up because they're easier to tip over that way. =)
...Seriously though, it could be something as simple as they don't need to lay down, so they don't. I'm don't know too much about cow/horse sleeping habits.

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