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Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 11, 2002 at 18:27

Re: Earth could hold more water (Dale)

You could well be right, lets leave gravity out.

But how did these huge oceanic volumes of water really get underground?
Some thoughts of mine.
A/ I cannot think water stayed around for long while the hot Earth was forming from an aggregate of rocks. So it was not around then.
B/ Its more logical to believe that surface oceans arrived much later.
B1/ Via slushy comet bombardment
B2/ Or passing thru a cloud of water vapour, (of
which there are lots out there in space)
B3/ Or prehaps it 'rained' down from Mars. Orbits de-stabelising after the Moon broke away from us.
Or a combination of all three, or others?

But there is still no explanation as to how the massive amounts of water might have got inside our Earth.
Somewhere above Dale, you mention that it might have been produced by the re-combination of Oxygen and Hydrogen. I'm not sure how.....since you can't compress it into water. And in any case there was no Oxygen around on early Earth. Latest thinking goes that it has all been produ8ced by Algae, or green vegetations.
Now since there are no actual huge oceans of sloshing water beneath our feet (would have found it) What the scientist mean ,(I think) is that there 'oceanic' amounts of water are locked up and trapped as water molecules inside all the rocks and cracks of the Earths interior.
How did it get there? Ill take a leaf out of
T.Gold's theory. He believes that all the Methane and other Hydrocarbons (oil) have been produced by Microbes (microbes that dont need Oxygen)
My thoughts are, it could be entirely possible for
Microbes to be feasting on all the warm rocks down there and excreting water for a millions of years, as a consequence?

One other point...wherever there is an impervious layer of clay or rock. You often find underneath
it...natural Gas, Methane, Oil and Water. Water
and gas always being found with oil.
So there are at possibly two types of Microbes responsible....they been chomping away on our rocks for aeons.

Now if we could just cultivate vats of Methane and Water producing Microbes in our houses, we could face the future with confidence? Who said Microbes wer'nt friendly? Amaranth Rose where are you?

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