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Re: Animal testing (Bubba)

And another sector of the sandbox is heard from. :-)

I guess I did leave some room for ambiguity; I'm sorry. What I had in mind was letting any and all untested chemicals be put in cosmetics, and let the buyer/user beware. If it causes disfigurement, or blindness, or cataracts, or cancer, let's just let it happen, and those that use the substances will pay the price. Of course, you'll have to require everyone who purchases cosmetics to be of legal age, and sign an agreement to hold the cosmetic manufacturer harmless in case of any deleterious effects, but, hey, it's a free country. We get people to test drugs and medicines with informed consent. We sell alcohol and tobacco without any sort of informed consent at all. I just think it's more fair and honest to tell people up front that they're being used as human guinea pigs to test chemicals on their eyes, faces, lips, hair, fingers, wherever. And I do mean wherever. I've heard of cosmetics being used in some pretty bizarre places lately.

The proclamation that a product has been made wihtout any animal testing whatsoever strikes terror into my heart, to be honest.

But I think we should be grateful to all those people with up-regulated or malfunctioning Hox-B genes. Without them there might be a severe dearth of hairdresers, make-up artists, clothing models, and stage and screen performers. I can hardly imagine a world without them. We might have some realistic looking dolls for kids to play with then. :-)

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