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You are teasing me right?


No problems eh?

qualified with "at least none that are serious."

Been hiding under that stone of yours long?


We have serious problems due to the usage of fossil fuels.

I disagree. Which is to say, the usage of fossil fuels has forestalled or mitigated far more problems than it has caused. Try to imagine the world without it. Of course, Iím of the mind that nuclear power would be a great replacement for a majority of applications but, oddly enough, that too is a political quagmire.

Natural resources was not referring to fossil fuels alone.

And yet i still insist that natural resources are plentiful. There are certainly exceptions and i'd be happy to discuss them, and their management solutions, with you. Which ones did you have in mind?

Global warming is a real issue that threatens every aspect of human life.

It is certainly an issue that threatens many aspects of human life, but that doesn't make it real. Now, it may indeed be real; the earth is always either warming up or cooling down, but the odds of it being real are about 50/50. Twenty or so years ago, the political scare was global cooling. In twenty or so years, it is likely to be that again. But assuming the earth is warming slightly, which BTW the satellite data refutes, why do you assume that the slight warming is a bad thing? Would you prefer a slight cooling? Do you actually think mankind is capable of achieving either, intentionally or not?

Open minded enough to see another opinion? Try reading this excellent book, ECO-ECONOMY, by Lester R. Brown.

I'll read my sources; you read yours. I'm in the middle of "The Skeptical Environmentalist" written by BjÝrn Lomborg. Perhaps someday we can trade. BTW, i thought it was going to be an easy read but that did not turn out to be the case. Another BTW, if member serves me, your author was one of the major proponents of global cooling in 1975 and is currently a leading member of the Worldwatch Institute, a very political organization. Mine was a greenpeace activist that actually did the research and had to admit he was wrong.

For the record I am not activist, economist nor politician. I am merely someone who loves this planet, the creatures we share it with and a student of the many wonders it has to offer.

Isn't that sweet.

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