Sex, Lies, and Linear DNA

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Eudaemonic Pie on Jan 03, 2002 at 23:58 (

Mara, Bill Wallace


Mara, thanks for setting me straight that this is a science forum and that many people here are interested in science. I needed that heads-up. And I will count on you to give me many more such heads up too, because I'm going to need them, because I'm interest in sex much more than I'm interested in science, but science can be sorta interesting, when my wife's not around. Maybe you can work up a thread on assortative mating? just to make sex interesting? for me?

And thanks too for picking up on one science issue in my post after you set me straight about this forum not being a place where anyone else is ever interested in sex.

You asked: "what if the dna sequence is more than just linear, what if it has aspects that are similar to three-dimensional tic tac toe?"

Well, that's a sexy question a toe fetish. Is a tic tac toe fetish a genetic or an epigenetic determination? Just what is that silly little ciliate Oxytrichia doing when it disassembles its entire germline and then reassembles it in a novel order? germline, I say, and not normal tectonics, eh? Maybe betting roulette odds at Vegas?

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