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Posted by bio_ladi on Jan 03, 2002 at 19:16

Re: Magnets offer cool development (bobbapink)

Ok…I am laughing here.

"problems? i don't see no stinkin' problems – at least none that are serious..."

You are teasing me right? No problems eh? Been hiding under that stone of yours long? We have serious problems due to the usage of fossil fuels. Natural resources was not referring to fossil fuels alone. Global warming is a real issue that threatens every aspect of human life.

"well, pseudo-ecologist and pseudo-economists anyway…their actually mostly politicians and activists, IMO..."

Open minded enough to see another opinion? Try reading this excellent book, ECO-ECONOMY, by Lester R. Brown.
It is just one of the many books written by a non-pseudo-ecologist who is not a politician but certainly an activist who strives to educate rather than attempt to intimidate.
For the record I am not activist, economist nor politician. I am merely someone who loves this planet, the creatures we share it with and a student of the many wonders it has to offer.

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