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Re: Calculating time (I. S.)

God is all powerful while at the same time, he is supposed to be a very nice dude.
Therefore, God is UNABLE to do Evil.
Or rather, she is unable to CHOOSE to do Evil.
So, is he all powerful?

God is supposed to be all knowing. So, she would have known every single little detail that would happen after the creation, even before beginning creating this world. He would have known that I'm going to type this message at this particular time even before the creation took place. If she had wanted it any different, he would have created the world slightly differently so that the events would evolve differently.
Where's our free will then?

God is all powerful, but she has to create the world in time as creation is an event. God is thus God is also limited within time.

If he's all that fair and just, then why does she expect people to believe in him when she doesn't give people any proof or ways to explain her existance logically. ..blah blah..because the bible says so?

Oh, so we are all gonna be sent to hell and party for not CHOOSING to believe him? There's no CHOOSING in what you believe in, believe comes naturally after you're convinced through logical means..
CHOOSING to believe in something is blind faith.

God is illogical. God is made-up.
It's concept is pointless.
Show us the mathamatics of God.

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