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Re: Magnets offer cool development (bio_ladi)

The usage of magnets has been explored since the early part of the previous century.

for hundreds of years actually...

In fact a battery had been developed in the 40s or 50s that would never die, or claimed so anyway.

yes, or so claimed...

Naturally it was squashed quickly.


In the race to fix the problems wrought by fossil fuels...

problems? i don't see no stinkin' problems – at least none that are serious...

...we are working to use what nature has to offer without destruction and depletion of natural resources.

Nature has oil to offer and its 'depletion' anytime soon is unlikely...

Ecologist and economists are working, finally, side-by-side to improve both the economy and the earth we share.

well, pseudo-ecologist and pseudo-economists anyway…their actually mostly politicians and activists, IMO...

We haven't exactly advanced this is one giant step backwards actually to the thinking of greater minds in gentler times.

sorry, hard as i tried i could not parse that sentence.

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