Re: Earth could hold more water

Posted by Dale on Mar 10, 2002 at 08:40

Re: Earth could hold more water (Mike Kremer)

If gravity is decreasing (be it ever so slowly) you could well be right.

Why? Wouldn’t lighter rocks tend to float more causing an increase in the amount of subsurface water?

Since to get down there, it could not have been subjected to any hydrostatic pressure higher than the ocean above it, could it?

Uhhh… The pressure at 100,000 feet is the sum of the mass above. There is going to be even more mass above 1,000,000 feet so the pressure is going to be even higher. This is similar to the discussion of nothing changing direction without a force being applied. If you have a column of water it doesn’t matter how deep it is, it doesn’t bubble and churn without an external force being applied. It just sits there with the pressure being higher at the bottom that anything above..

Pass me the Librium, Im going quite mad.

Don’t ya’ just hate it when that happens? :)

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