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DA Morgan on Dec 31, 2001 at 18:00 (

Re: Dangers exist... (bobbapink)

While I have no love of anyone officially representing Iraq and its government our response deserves a response on several points.

1. Uranium is a heavy metal. But if is also a very reactive metal. Meaning that it burns very easily and definitely when incorporated into weaponry. Thus anyone inhaling uranium would not be in danger from the metal ... but rather from the metal's oxides.

2. You sniff at a 10 fold increase in birth defects like somehow that is outrageous. But in truth there is no information from which to formulate a reasonable response. Perhaps in the previous year there was only one and last year there were ten. Out of a population of millions that would be statistically insignificant. You are probably right. But your response is all angst rather than science.

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