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Posted by bobbapink on Mar 08, 2002 at 08:35

Re: Nope, we must act NOW (Mike Kremer)

Well for starters Dale is very pro nuclear energy. Hav'nt really thought about his calculations, but one thing is certain, All the nuke power stations in the world will give out an extra 30% heat output as all those 2Kw fires.

How did you arrive at that figure? And BTW, what is a "2Kw bar fire" (ya gotta speak 'merican or i cant be understandin' ya)

(waste heat dumped in air, rivers etc) Also I dont think its correct to include the oceans as a heat sink, not for some years any way.

You are about to contradict yourself. Watch.

I feel sure the immeadiate effect would be the small increase in air temp, ...with clouds /UV and precipitation having the greatest effect.

Where do clouds come from? Do you see the contradiction? In order for more clouds to form, the heat in the atmosphere must have "sunk" (through heat exchange due to evaporation) into some body of water, the most prevalent of which being oceans.

After all why is it in any winter, that a city is always 1 or 2 degrees warmer than the country side?

It’s called the “Heat Island” effect and it has little or nothing to do with energy usage. It has to do with the dark heat-absorbing color of manmade building materials and the lack of vegetation (which, through evaporation, tends to cool the surrounding air).

BTW, you never gave me your solution. The Nuke solution would not add more heat to the environment than would a fossil fuel plant would it?

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