Re: Nope, we must act NOW

Posted by bobbapink on Mar 07, 2002 at 10:22

Re: Nope, we must act NOW (Mike Kremer)

I think its too late to act bobba

Perhaps it is too early. Clearly if you want to control the climate, an active measure would be more effective than would a passive one. An active measure would require technology. Since we are getting more technologically advanced, the possibilities are increasing, not decreasing. But this assumes we continue to advance technologically. Wealth drives technology more than any other factor.

bobbapink said- 'Let’s start by switching to 100% nuclear power for electrical production.'
Bush, bobba and Dale are the reasons its too late. Lets look at it another way. 100% nuke power for everybody.Lots of fun and games,loads of surplus power for everybody to use. Lets assume EVERY family and every shop in your wonderful future world, uses the equivalent of a 2Kw bar fire thats switched on for 10 hours(thats conservative?)out of the 24. Thats going to warm up the world somewhat, right?Lots of precipitation, lots of clouds trapping UV/heat. Slow but gentle warming . No more Artic or Antartic ice, or mountain snow.

Logical but flawed. You then would prefer that the energy come from CO2 producing sources? You still get the same heat, but now you theoretically trap that heat more efficiently then you would without the CO2. Not that I don’t see your point, only that I don’t see why you think blaming the likes of Bush’s, Bobba’s and Dale’s of the world is helpful. What do you suggest that is as workable and would have as great an impact?

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