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Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 06, 2002 at 20:55

Re: Nope, we must act NOW (bobbapink)

I think its too late to act bobba
bobbapink said-
'Letís start by switching to 100% nuclear power for electrical production.'

Bush, bobba and Dale are the reasons its too late.
Lets look at it another way.
100% nuke power for everybody.Lots of fun and games,loads of surplus power for everybody to use.
Lets assume EVERY family and every shop in your wonderful future world, uses the equivalent of a 2Kw bar fire thats switched on for 10 hours(thats conservative?)out of the 24.
Thats going to warm up the world somewhat, right?Lots of precipitation, lots of clouds trapping UV/heat. Slow but gentle warming
No more Artic or Antartic ice, or mountain snow.

As you state-'....itís lays a good foundation for ensuring an identically temperatured tomorrow'

Thats Ok as long as you realise the average temp would be higher than now, plus with the slow increase of 60-70ft in sea levels...millions will gradually move inland.
It will be so gradual that no-one will really give it too much thought. (Bush and Kyoto has'nt? Or prehaps he has)Pehaps the USA has seen this future, and are willing to let it come on by, ever so slowly, realising that its easier and less expensive to let it happen. The next generation will be playing on different beaches than you did. In the same way, when you take a trip back to your childhood's play places, and see the changes you call 'progress' under your breath. Which reinforces what I am saying. It will just be the norm in 100+ years or so. We will just protect ourselves against torrential downpours, living in stronger houses we will widen and wall our rivers, and carry on as we have always done, living and complaining.
I think the USA knows this....and I believe Europe will not meet and forget about the Kyoto accord in time.

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