Thanks Dale, logically convinced one minute, then...

Posted by dogrock on Mar 06, 2002 at 16:23

Re: Subjects are relative but do they represent anything real? (Dale)

"Accumulated" passage, beginning to see the difference now. Each pulse of the clock accumulates to build to a measurable difference, (one pulse is enough I know, just for clarity). The shrinkage on the other hand is instant and does not accumulate. The weight does not accumulate, disappearing when the object stops. I'm convinced of the logic of your argument but not being a robot have a urge (irrational or not) to pursue this, feeling cheated that the time change can't be left stand alone. And feel like asking again is the rocket really shrunk, for all practical purposes (for all obervers who didn't accellerate to this speed) and ask simplistically if it is really shrunk and kept than way long enough then its return to full size would only mean the effect was an illusion and not real, but think Einstein meant is was shrunk for real. Maybe there's a time element to the shinkage but if there is its up to me to prove it I know. Thanks for the clear example, must have taken some effort.

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