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Posted by bobbapink on Mar 06, 2002 at 08:31

Re: I agree! (DA Morgan)

I didn't attack the individuals. I attacked calling them "top scientists."

The word "top" was nowhere in your post but even if it were, it wouldn't change the fact that the ONE you attempted to denigrate is very highly regarded in his field of study - economics. Clearly, if the word "top" applies to anyone in economics, it applies to him. (Not that i didn't have a few problems with some of his non-economic drug policies as director of the CIA many years ago. It was the wrong position for him Ė must have been why he didnít keep it very long.)

If you can't deal with that ... or distintuish between the two ... life may well prove difficult.

As may yours! You seem to have a problem with a very successful, degreed, highly regarded economist rendering an opinion on economic matters. An economist so highly regarded in fact by both flavors of presidents to have been appointed to extremely high level positions of responsibility within the government. Go figure!

Oh, and by the way - Remember when you wrote:

But I can't think of a better way to look ridiculous on a university campus than to put those two onto a list titled "scientists".

Ha! It's one person, not two. You didnít even know whose opinion you were dismissing before you dismissed it. Great Job!

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