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Posted by Dale on Mar 05, 2002 at 09:36

Re: you didn't click the link, did you. (bobbapink)

Great article. This fact (the general publicís view of hazards is very skewed) comes up every decade or so. It gets little coverage because it is so politically incorrect. Then it fades for another generation. About 30 years ago Scientific American had such an article that went on to relate the amount of money we spend on each problem divided by LLE saved. Astounding waste! We were spending millions per day on nuke and we refuse to spend pennies per day on basic health care.

A couple of things interested me in this study. Small cars reduce life span more than AIDS. Energy conservation is as dangerous as your spouse smoking. You lose more life expectancy from suicide than murder. Motor vehicle accidents cause LLE of 200 days which can be used to infer that drunk driving causes a LLE of 80 days. This is about the same as small cars. Can we start MASK (Mothers Against Small Kars)?

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