Re: More evidence Danny can't read.

Posted by Dale on Mar 05, 2002 at 08:39

Re: More evidence Danny can't read. (anyman)

You are correct that everyone has an agenda. You have an agenda, I have an agenda, Danny has an agenda, we all have agendas. The question is, do we push the agenda over the truth. Danny clearly couldn't care less about the truth whenever it gets in the way of his agenda. You do pretty good at honest discussion. (I'll leave it to others to decide on my contributions.)

The goal of a true scientist is knowledge. When the agenda gets in the way of the truth, knowledge suffers. The agenda, however, is irrelevant to the facts. When someone says that the sun rises in the east it doesn’t matter whether it is Usama Bin Laden or George Bush (ok, Danny, substitute Al Gore the true president) who said it. The sun still either does or does not rise in the east. The way to fight garbage such as Danny’s is to present the truth and to discuss the evidence rather than to ignore the message because you don't like who the messenger voted for.

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