Methinks thou doth protetst too much...

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Amaranth Rose on Mar 04, 2002 at 22:04

Re: what (anyman)

If it were really true and absolutely evident, you wouldn't need to SHOUT so much. The more you SHOUT the less credible you look.

"...amaranth's precious pesticide resistant grasshoppers...(both of) which are the result of a LOSS of genetic information)"

If that is true, how do you account for the FACT that the PESTICIDE RESISTANT grasshoppers have an enzyme NOT PREVIOUSLY PRESENT in any strain of grasshoppers? Your colossal ignorance is exceeded only by your monumental willingness to mislead and misinform the unfortunate third-world people whom you gull with your incredible tales.

No wonder people from the third world consistently show up at American Colleges and Universities with a second-rate education. That's why we have to teach Remedial Biology.

Such a good American you are! Ensuring American Scientific and Educational superiority by indoctrinating those third-world students with your version of Religio-Scientific Buoillabaise. We should give you a medal for Citizenship! You're a fine American, indeed.

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