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Re: what (DA Morgan)

the first "chinese" entered the scene ~2200 years ago...when the emperor (Qin), from whom the modern chinese derive their appelation, "united" the peoples (many groups including 55 or 56 "minorities") into what is today called china..."china" and "chinese" did not, as such, exist prior to that time in history

ethnically speaking, the asiatic peoples are descended from adam and again from noah...after the tower event (babel) the peoples were separated, dispersed...isolation affects genetic drift...they are a genetic variation of the original adamic gene pool...white people have lost the genetic information that forms the fold of fat above the eye giving the asiatic peoples the slanted eye look

this does not mean that there were no "asiatics" prior to the tower event...only that afterward, a people group became isolated that retained certain specifics of the human genetic code...other portions were NEW genetic info was added

who was the first "asiatic" or "mongoloid"...i dunno...he probably didn't either...

who was the first "white" person...i dunno...he probably didn't either

peeps is peeps...there is only one race...the human race...people are people and there are people groups within the human race and myriad variations (including the qulaities that make every individual human in some way unique from every other human) within the people groups and the larger human race

the potential for variation is a designed gene pool...there is ZERO evidence to support the idea that that or any other kind of highly specific complex information could have arisen by accidental, lucky, chance, random, unguided, and unpurposed processes

further, no mutation or any "evolutionary" process has EVER been observed to actually ADD any brand NEW information to the gene pool...on the other hand, many mutations have been observed to result in a loss of information (sometimes permanent loss) from a given gene pool (including your precious antibiotic resistant bacterial strains and amaranth's precious pesticide resistant grasshoppers...both of which are the result of a LOSS of genetic information)

information science has matured considerably in the last 50 years...there are even several well defined subdisciplines under the umbrella of information science now...the one lesson that stands out most clearly from all of information science (at least, in regard to what is presently known and can be directly observed) is that highly specific complex information DOES NOT arise by random chance etc processes...thus far, observationally speaking, highly specific complex information is ALWAYS and ONLY the result of INTELLIGENT MIND

but you welcome to try again

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