Re: The religion of science

Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 04, 2002 at 06:27

Re: The religion of science (anon)

Science, and scientist do not accept anything on faith. Be it trees falling in a forest, with no one around to see or hear them, or maths on this or any other world.
Everything in science is built up step by step from first principles, each step has to be proven.
Exactly like Pythagorus's Theorems. Which starts by defining a point in space. Until a stage is proven -its just a conjecture.
For etherial questions like trees falling in forests-there is such a thing as cause and effect.
Everything that changes has a cause, and every change leaves its effect, on and on, ad-infinitum.

I like to turn thing around and make people think I could say that there are very few changes in our Macro World, rather more in the Micro World,
and a continuous infinite number of changes in the Sub-Atomic World. You are right when you said science is an awe inspiring edifice...but no way is it built upon a faith, just because we cannot prove or understand it for the moment.

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