Re: Can we afford to laugh?

Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 04, 2002 at 00:25

Re: The laugh of the year (probably but) (dogrock)

It seems to be the fashion these days. With more and more people passing themselves off as 'would be' scientists. More people expect science to become the 'new religion'. Science has the answer
to food, pollution, energy, living ,life and the world.? Oh yes , well read on.
I just wonder where and when it will all end.
Are civilisations problems increasing? Or is it all due to the instant around the world live bombardment of the 'facts' we are getting served up by the media on a daily basis? Was'nt the world just as rotten a place before TV and Radio?
I am amazed by the tasks that America is taking on, (just to keep the peace?)
Afganistan, Iraq, Iran,The Balkans, Bin Laden, Saddam Hussien, the Near East,Far East, Terrorism at home, and abroad. Spraying or giving money to get rid of Drug crops in South America, and the Golden triangle, Columbia coca crop (cocain). Also Opium around Afghanistan. Buying up and/or helping Russia and the eastern blocs get rid of nuclear weapons and their submarine pollution. Highjackers.Satellite surveilance. Space probes Biological weapon research. Wheat handouts, food to Africa and Afghanistan. GM seed handouts to Brazil and 3rd world. American troops in Georgia, South Korea, Near East Far East and nearly everywhere else.

And NOW an item I just read from 'Reuters and 'USA' which prompted me to write (as well as Danny and Dogrocks posts)
*WASHINGTON - At least 700 National Guardsmen will be dispatched to the nation's sprawling northern border as federal authorities scramble to plug holes in the administration's homeland-defense plan. The troops would immediately triple the number of Border Patrol officers assigned to the 4,000-mile border with Canada, long regarded as one of the nation's most vulnerable points of entry.*
Surprise, surprise.-I thought it was the Mexicans
we were trying to keep out, not the Canadians.

So much for Scientists (Schlesinger & Co saving the world) Bah and more Bah

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